Logan Diving & Salvage has long been a part of the maritime communities of the Americas.

C. F. Logan founded Logan Diving & Salvage company in 1947 to provide diving and engineering services to shipyards, heavy industry, pipeline operators, utilities, and construction contractors.

Virtually from the beginning, Logan was providing diving and engineering services worldwide where he was joined by his brother J.E. Logan also a registered professional engineer.

The business initially served primarily the oil industry, surveying and repairing critical navigable river pipeline crossings world wide and often in remote locations of countries such as Columbia and Venezuela.

Work rapidly expanded to include salvage, ships husbandry, marine construction, power industry, pulp and paper, railroads, civil infrastructure and traditional dock / harbor work.


Logan Diving & Salvage continued to grow and routinely had dive teams working the eastern half of the United States from Texas to New York and most navigable waterways in-between.

Southeastern heavy industry has relied on Logan Diving & Salvage for years to maintain intake and outfalls critical to their continued operations.

Focus on the Latin American and Caribbean market in the 1970's resulted in core Caribbean clients still serviced today. Logan Diving & Salvage as a registered corporation in Puerto Rico is a familiar name on the San Juan waterfront where we have maintained divers, associate's and staged equipment for over 50 years.

Latin American operations have resulted in projects completed in Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, St. Croix, Venezuela, and Columbia.

Logan Diving & Salvage's facilities in Jacksonville, Florida consists of a separate office and warehouse in close proximity. Our warehouse affords equipment storage for multiple deep sea diving systems, surface supplied air diving systems and ancillary equipment. All equipment is continuously maintained in a highly portable condition. an extensive array of underwater tools and equipment is in stock, serviced and ready for deployment.

Over the years our diving helmets and technology have changed. One constant that never changes is our core foundation principals. Anchored by safety, integrity, experience and client satisfaction these principals will continue to be the benchmark from which we measure our success, one job at a time.

With over 70 years experience, Logan Diving & Salvage's past is always available to be part of your future.

Certifications & Associations

Certifications & Associations ClassNKLloyd's Register DNV GL Abbotts Field TAPPISAFE Association of Diving
Contractors International PEC Safety Browz Operator Qualification Solutions Group

Marine Specialty Contractor # SCC131151014


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Latest News

September 2018
Sunken boat in Bluffton’s May River

As a large portion of the state’s law enforcement and environmental personnel continue to be focused on Hurricane Florence relief, a partially sunken shrimp boat has now been struck in the May River for a week... more info.

March 7th. 2018
NERRds on the Water
By: Shannon Dunnigan

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.

Our help came in the form Logan Diving & Salvage based out of Jacksonville, Florida, led by Mr. Joe Busuttil. We hired them to help us access those lower brackets AND install some new ones even deeper to help prevent our station from breaking again. As experienced commercial divers, they could easily assist us with this task. ... more info.

January 21st. 2018
Florida Today News - Logan Divers stabilizing Melbourne Causeway underwater pipe exposed by Hurricane Irma's currents

After Hurricane Irma, the city of Melbourne dispatched divers to the Indian River Lagoon to check the 20-inch water main beneath the Melbourne Causeway...... more info.

May 2016
Subaqueous Pipeline Stabilization Project
ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – A luxury resort on the south shore of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands recently stabilized a 300-foot long seawater intake pipeline using SlingBag® from QUIKRETE® placed by Logan Diving & Salvage... more info.

November 2016
Logan Diving & Salvage Protects Underwater Habitat Using Slingbag From QUIKRETE for Stabilzation Project... more info.

March 2015
Logan Diving & Salvage USA/Carribean Division provided surface supplied diving systems, management, commercial divers, and ancillary equipment to assist with underwater multibeam scanning of a recently failed Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida... more info.

February 2015
Logan Diving & Salvage completes comprehensive level 1 substructure inspection of global energy and bulk commodities suppliers marine facility, Kingston, Jamaica... more info.

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